Upper Chest Shelf Maker


Duration Approx. 60-65 Mins




Upper Chest Shelf Maker (1)


Warm Up 2 x 25 Pushups


Incline Hammer Press 5 x 12 Reps (Last set drop set)

*TIPS – If you don´t have an incline hammer press machine you can use an incline bench for this one. Start light and pyramid up in weight each set. For the final set, work hard for that last rep then immediately drop the weight in half and rep out until you can´t press anymore.

Incline Dumbell Fly’s Superset with Sven Presses (5kg plate for example) 3 x 15
*TIPS – The first and only superset for this workout. Using an incline bench on the lowest setting, start with fly´s then move onto sven presses. For the sven presses, the weight is not important, hence why I have suggested a 5kg plate. What is important is the squeeze and focus on the inner chest when performing this movement. As always, you can check out the link above for more detail on this exercise.

Low to High Cable Fly’s 3 x 15
*TIPS – Start on the lowest cable setting for the 1st set, then the middle setting, and finally the highest. This will help exhaust the chest muscles by hitting it from different angles. Concrentrate on the squeeze at the top of the movement. I hope you´re ready cos this last exercise is going to completely destroy that chest.

Run the Rack Incline Dumbell Presses (Lowest/2nd Lowest Incline Setting) 10 Reps Heaviest to Lightest
*TIPS – May the lord have mercy on your soul..No but seriously, this last exercise is going to challenge you both physically and mentally. Pick a dumbell weight that you can only just manage to get 10 reps out of. Start here and with as little rest as possible, move down the weights performing 10 reps with each descending dumbell until you have cleared the entire rack of weights. For example, start with 38kg and then 35, 32, 26, 22 etc. Each gym is different and the dumbell rack will have different variations in weight but the principle remains the same.

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