The 500 Pushup or Squat Challenge


TIPS – Yes that’s right, 500 pushups broken down into sets of 25. So ultimately you’ll do 20 sets of 25 Pushups with minimal rest between sets (I suggest 30 seconds). Start your hands wide for the first set of 25 Pushups, then move hand position slightly closer for the next and then in the normal pushup position for the third (elbows close to sides) , with the final set being Diamond Pushups. That’s 100 reps. Repeat 5 more times.
The wider the hand position for the pushup, the more active the shoulders. The closer the hand position, the more you work the triceps.
So here set 1 is hitting shoulders more, sets 2 & 3 are targeting the chest and set 4 the triceps.

Finisher – If you’ve still got some gas in the tank, grab a weight or anything that you can use as one (I use a 5L plastic water bottle FULL) and perform 100 standing Sven Presses. Try and rep them out in one go, but you can take as many breaks as needed although keep to a minimum. This will hit the shoulders and inner chest. Focus on squeezing the pecs together as if you’re trying to crush something between them.

Side Note – Pushups can be replaced with airsquats for a great leg workout. Vary your foot position/width as you would for the pushups i.e Wide, closer, normal & close). Put on a backpack loaded up with weight to increase the difficulty for both exercises (I used 2 x 5L Full water bottles to add 10kg extra resistance)

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