Superset Sunday Arm Workout


(Choose your own adventure – You choose the Reps and Sets!)



Duration 55 Mins Approx.


*TIPS – This workout is as punishing as you want it to be. You can take it easy and have a nice fluffy workout or you can really push yourself to your limits. These exercises can be used interchangeably, meaning if you want to group rope pushdowns and preacher curls together, for example, then go for it.

I created the exercise pairings for convinience and ease of access to machines and equipment in my gym. Every gym is different, so be smart and adaptable. When I did this workout, i typically did 5 sets of each, within the 15-8 rep range. I also threw in a few drop sets here and there to really fatigue the muscles. Get creative in the gym, don´t be boring. Your body knows what you´re going to throw at it so change it up and keep it guessing! This is how real gains are made. Watch Arnold Swcharzeneggers´Blue Print´for further info.


Rope Pushdowns Superset W/ Ez-Bar Drag Curls

V-Bar Pushdowns Superset W/ Ez-Bar Curls

Tricep Extension Machine Superset W/ Preacher Curl Machine

Preacher Curl Machine Hammer Grip Superset W/ Dip Machine Close Grip


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