Push Day



Duration Approx. 70 Mins



Push Day

Bench Press 10 X Sets of 10 Reps
*TIPS – For a total of 100 reps, choose a weight and stick with it. If needed, you can break the sets up into smaller rep schemes towards the end.

Incline Dumbell Press (Safety Grip) 4 x Sets of 12 Reps
*TIPS – To protect the shoulders, we´re using an inverted grip here. If you´re not used to this method, choose a lighter weight than you normally would as a test run.

Dumbell Fly’s Superset W/ Sven Presses 5 x Sets of 15, 12, 10, 10 & 8 Reps
*TIPS – Go heavier as you progress through the sets. With the fly´s, get a good stretch at the bottom and squeeze at the top of the movement. You can use the same dumbells to perform the sven presses instead of a plate for something different. This technique will also target your triceps.

Incline Hammer Press 4 x Sets of 12, 12, 10 & 6 (Final Set Drop Set)
*TIPS – If you don´t have access to an incline machine, you can go with the good old fashioned incline barbell press. As with all exercises, you have to be able to adapt and substitue one exercise for another if required.The last set you should be really pushing yourself to get the last rep. Immediatley strip some weight off and go again, this time aim for more reps. Proceed like this until you´ve taken off all the resistance.

Machine Fly’s 50 Random Selection
*TIPS – For this exercise you´re going to bust out 50 reps in whatever rep scheme and weight range you deem neccessary. I start heavy and drop the weight significantly when I reach failure. After failing on a lighter weight, I´ll go heavy again. Try to confuse your body. Heavy, light, heavy, light etc. It´s something different and it should leave you with a serious pump in your chest. Don´t go too light, or too heavy. Form is crucial. As always, try to hold the squeee to really make things difficult.

Seated Military Press Machine Superset W/ Side Raise Machine 5 x Sets of 20, 16, 15, 12 & 8 Reps
*TIPS – Your shoulders should already be fairly fatigued after the chest workout, so it´s not gonna take much to completley fry them. Don´t hold back, go hard and finish strong!

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