Legs of War



Duration Approx. 70 Mins

Warm Up
5 Mins Bike

Leg Extensions 5 x 20 Reps
*TIPS – We´re going to pre-exhaust the legs with 100 leg extensions followed by 100 hamstring curls. You don´t need a heavy weight for either exercise – keep it light and focus on the squeeze at the top of the movement. If you have knee issues I suggest really taking it easy on the extensions or avoiding them all together.

Lying Hamstring Curls 5 x 20 Reps
*TIPS – Pause at the top of the movement and hold for a 2 second count for the last 10 reps of each set. Keep the movement nice and controlled throughout.

Squats 5 Sets of 15, 12, 10, 8, 1 Rep Max
*TIPS – A training partner/spotter would be handy for the 1 rep max squat. Get nice and deep when squatting, none of this half rep crap. There is a place for time under tension but it´s not here!

Weighted Lunges 3 x 10 Each Side
*TIPS – You can perform this movement walking or static. Increase weight as you progress through the sets.

Leg Press 5 Sets of 20, 15, 12, 10 & 6 Reps
*TIPS – Nothing too complicated here, my only advice would be, like the squats, go as deep as possible to get the most out of the rep. Weight should be increased as you progress.

Calf Raises 4 x 12 reps then 100 Bodyweight Raises on each foot (Sets as desired)
*TIPS – After the calf raise machine, get straight into 100 raises on each foot.This is gonna burn!

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