Chest & Shoulder Workout




Chest & Shoulder Workout

Incline Dumbell Fly´s 5 x Sets of 16, 15, 15, 12, 10
*TIPS – Start light and focus on the squeeze and control of the movement. Increase weight slightly as you go.

Incline Press Machine 4 x Sets of 12, 10, 8, 6
*TIPS – Time for the first compound exercise. Here we´re working in the lower rep range, which focuses on building strength. The last set should really test you. If repeating this workout in the near future, you want to increase the weight for the last set, but only ever so slightly (eg. 2.5 Kg or 5 Pounds). Don´t sacrifice form for weight, keep your technique on point.

Pec Deck 4 x Sets of 12 Reps
*TIPS – Back to an isolation exercise. Bust out 4 sets of 12, increasing resistance as you progress. On the negative portion of the movement, slow it down and let the pecs stretch at the bottom and then really squeeze at the top of the rep, with a 2 second hold when possible.

Dumbell Bench Press 4 X Sets of 12 Reps
*TIPS – 12 Reps is always optimal for hypertrophy, so this should always be your magic number if you´re looking to build muscle. As i´ve mentioned before, you need to change up your workout routines every now and then to keep the gains coming, which includes altering the amount of sets and reps.
I´ve always preferred the dumbell press over the bench press. There are pro´s and con´s to both but for me, with past shoulder issues, the dumbell presses with inverted grips are the go to push movement.

Cable Crossovers 4 x Sets of 15, 15, 12, 12
*TIPS – Instead of bringing your hands together at the bottom of the rep, go beyond that point and cross your hands over. See instructional the video for a demonstration.

Dips 2 x Sets to Failure
*TIPS – No extra weight is needed here, bodyweight will suffice. Don´t leave anything in the tank. Go to FAILURE!

Seated Dumbell Lateral Raise Superset w/Military Press  3 x Sets of 21/12, 21/10, 21/8
*TIPS – Personally, my shoulders need the least amount of work/training. Everyone has a more defined body part, which is genetically superior to the others. For some it´s the chest, others the biceps prehaps, or legs. For me it´s the shoulders. As such I tend to incorporate shoulders into my chest day sessions. If your shoulders needs alot more development, I reccommend reserving a day to train them by themselves, or at the least add more exercises than I´ve provided here.

Front Raises Superset Reverse Fly´s 3 x Sets of 12 Reps
*TIPS – For this one, I set myself up on the fly machine and put two 5kg plates next to the machine. This way we can move directly from the front raises onto the reverse fly´s without having to move to far.

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