Superset Sunday Arm Workout


(Choose your own adventure – You choose the Reps and Sets!)     Duration 55 Mins Approx.   *TIPS – This workout is as punishing as you want it to be. You can take it easy and have a nice fluffy workout or you can really push yourself to your […]

Crazy Baby Arm Routine

Billy 2

Warm Up 100 Cable Pushdowns & 100 Cable Curls (Random Selection) *TIPS – Set up a straight bar on a cable machine. If you have a partner for this exercise, great. If not, push yourself! The objective here is to achieve 100 straight reps in sets of 10. Start with […]


Billy 1

Duration Approx. 60-70 Mins Rope Pushdowns Superset with Rope Curls 6 x Sets 20, 16, 15, 12, 10, 8 Reps *TIPS – Set up rope attachment and begin with triceps then moving straight onto biceps. Increase weight slightly as you progress through the sets. Try to keep rest between sets […]