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Warm Up
Assisted Pullups (3 Sets)
*TIPS – As we´re only warming up, a machine is great to focus on the lats and back muscles in general. Use any resistance weight you wish. You choose the reps for the 1st two sets, the last set is to failure.

Lat Pulldowns (Over & Underhand Superset 10 Reps) 4 Sets of Each
*TIPS – We´re starting off strong with a lat pulldown superset, using two different grips. Increase the weight as you progress through the sets.

Cable Rows 5 x Sets of 15, 12, 12, 10, 8 Reps
*TIPS – Increase weight as you go.

Back Extensions Superset with Shrugs x 3
*TIPS – The back extension rep sets will be 16, 15, 12. The Shrugs will all be 15 reps. After completing the extensions, pick up a 25kg plate in each hand (my recommondation for ease of transfer between exercise. You can keep the plates beside the extension bench. The plates will need grip holes otherwise you need dumbells). Keep a 2 second squeese on the traps at the top of the shrug.

Rope Lat Pulldowns 4 x 12 Reps
*TIPS – Start heavy and decrease the weight for sets 2 & 4. If you don´t have a rope a straight bar will do but a rope is prefferable as you can move beyond the range of the hips which is optimal for squeezing the lats.

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