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Warm Up 3 x 20 Band Pull Aparts & 3 x 15 Reverse Pec Dec Fly’s

*TIPS – If you don´t have access to a resistance band, you can use a double sided cable machine without attachements. Pull the cables across your body in the same way you would for reverse fly´s.

Lat Pulldowns 12, 12, 10, 8, 6 then drop half weight and rep out

*TIPS – Increase the weight as you move through the sets. The last set of 6 reps should really test you. After completing the final set, drop the weight to half of what you used and continue until failure.

Seated Cable Row As Above Superset with plate shrugs (25kg plates as a suggestion)

*TIPS – Using the same reps as you did for the lat pull-downs, complete a set of cable rows and then grab a plate in each hand (pending they have holes for you to grip – if not, use dumbells) and perform the shrugs. If using a plate, every set should be 12 reps. If using dumbells, increase the weight and you drop in reps (Pyramid Set). Shrugs target both the shoulders and traps, but due to your primary back muscle fibres already being exhausted, this will really hit the traps well.

Pullups to Failure x 4 Superset with Rope Pulldowns 12, 12, 10, (Drop Weight) 15

*TIPS – It doesn´t get any easier! Grab a rope attachment and perform the rope pulldowns (really focus on squeezing the lats at the bottom of the movement) after you´ve done a set of pullups to failure. Use overhand wide grip to really activate the lats. The pullups can be done using only your bodyweight. To make it harder, slow down the tempo of the movement.

Back Extensions 12 Bodyweight, 12 5kg plate, 10 10kg plate, 8 10kg plate then without rest 8 bodyweight

*TIPS – Form is crucial here. Try to keep the spine as straight as possible throughout the movement. Hold a plate to your chest to increase the difficulty, as noted above. For the last set, perform 8 reps holding a 10kg plate then immediately do another 8 bodyweight reps.

T-Bar Rows 1 Set to Failure, Rest 10 Seconds then again to Failure

*TIPS – This is a set/pause/set. Do as many reps as you can, rest for 10 seconds and using the same weight go to failure again. You should only be able to get another 4-8 reps out if you pushed yourself on the first set.


FINAL NOTES : This workout is great for chiseling those lats. Due to the nature and style of the workout, many exercises are perfomred using a wide grip. When using narrow grips, this mostly targets the middle/inner portion of the back so keep this in mind when training specific back muscles.

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