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Duration Approx. 60-70 Mins

Rope Pushdowns Superset with Rope Curls 6 x Sets 20, 16, 15, 12, 10, 8 Reps

*TIPS – Set up rope attachment and begin with triceps then moving straight onto biceps. Increase weight slightly as you progress through the sets. Try to keep rest between sets to a minimum, preferably less than 1 minute.
For the rope pushdowns, really focus on the squeeze at the bottom of the movement. Also try to seperate the rope at the bottom of the rep. With the rope curls, you can choose to either curl with your elbows at your side, or slightly bent and curl your fists towards each other rather than straight in front of you.

Overhead Dumbell Extensions Superset with Dumbell Hammer Curls 4 x 12 Reps

*TIPS – Grab a bench and get ready for your second consecutive superset. Again start with the tri´s before gettin into the bi´s. For the extensions lie down and with a dumbell in each hand, extend your arms back, bending at the elbows to bring the dumbells slightly behind your head then straightening up above your eyeline. Remember to keep you elbows locked and tucked into your sides as much as possible. Increase the weight with each set.
With the same dumbells, sit up and with your elbows locked in at your side, bring both dumbells up to perform the hammer curls. Use slow, controlled movements and focus on the mind-muscle connection.

Ez-Bar Drag Curls 4 Sets 15, 12, 10, 8

*TIPS – Now we´re going to really focus on the bi´s by performing this under-used exercise. Using an ez-bar (Or straight bar if not available), bring your hands up as you would in a typical ez-bar curl but keep your hands at your side instead of in front of you. This is a great variation and you will defintitley feel it if done correctly. Increase weight as you go.

Bodyweight Dips (Slow Negative Count) 3 x 12 Reps

*TIPS – When doing dips, slow down the negative part of the rep to a 3 second count, meaning count to three as you lower yourself down then power back up again. Mind-muscle connection here is very important.

Tricep Push Machine 3 x 12

*TIPS – Load up the weight and go hard here for the first set. Drop slightly for the second and third.

Preacher Curls 3 x 10 (Wide to Narrow Grip)

*TIPS – Using a machine or preacher curl bench, start heavy as you did for triceps and strip some weight as you progress. On the 5th curls of each set, hold for count of 5 seconds at the mid-way point of the rep to really get that crazy pump going. Start wide on the bar for the 1st set and finish with close grip.

Alternating Standing Dumbell Curls Superset with Dumbell Kickbacks 4 x 10 Reps

*TIPS – Time to completley fry those arms. For the last superset we are going to begin with biceps. As you curl, try to twist your pinky finger inwards at the top of the movement. With the kickbacks, don´t swing your arm. Try to keep the elbow locked in at your side and extend your arm straight back. Start heavy and drop weight each set.

FINAL NOTES – This arm workout is not for the feint of heart. If performed correctly, with a good mind-muscle connection and slow controlled tempo, I can guarantee DOMS for days. I recommend using this workout as a change up if you are plateuing, or track your progression and use in a 3-4 week block.
You can find more cheeky workouts through the main menu. If you´re looking for workouts that will test you both mentally and physically then is the place to be 😉

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