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About Me : My name is Billy and I’m a 36 year old Australian living and working in Spain. I’m an English teacher and ex hotel manager. I have 15 years experience researching fitness, human movement principles, nutrition and a variety of workout routines. Over the years I´ve constantly scoured the internet for different, challenging and fun ways of working out. What you´ll find in cheekyworkouts.com is a huge selection of different workout routines, mainly for the gym but also at home. This page will be updated regularly so be sure to check back often.

I don’t claim to be an expert, nor am i a competetive bobybuilder or even a personal trainer.. What i am, is a passionate lover of all things sport, and the gym has been like a second home to me. I hope you find the content useful to help achieve your own personal goals whatever they may be. Please note these workouts have been to designed to help build muscle primarily, but when working in a high rep range you´ll burn fat as well. 

I have created excel spreadsheets for each workout routine so you can track & measure your progress. You will notice they´ve been designed to follow over a 4 week period, however this is mearly a suggestion and all programs can be used indefinatlely if you wish. I´d advise you to follow a workout routine for between 4-6 weeks and then change it up, as your body will get used to the same exercises after a while and you won´t see as much progress. All spreadsheets can be modified to your taste.

Please visit the contact us section for any questions or suggestions.