Ab Destruction 99

Billy 1

Duration Approx. 15 Mins

30 Second Rest Between Sets

Plank 3 x 1 Minute
Bicycle Kicks to Elbows 3 x 33
Russian Twists 3 x 33
Feet Crossovers 3 x 33
Ankle Touches 3 x 33


*TIPS – Warm up with planks. Hold for 1 minute then rest 30 seconds. Perform two more times then move onto the ab circuit.

Here we are going to complete 3 rounds. Round one you will perform each exercise one after the other, 33 reps for each exercise. Don´t take your 30 second rest until you have finished the round! To increase difficulty, you can use a weight when doing the russian twists. Try to complete each rep in a slow and controlled manner in all of the exercises. Don´t rush – enjoy the burn!

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